A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

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Luther also wrote the tune, drawing on his background in an area of Germany known for its music.

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He lived from to Besides being a great Christian reformer, Bible translator and political leader, Martin Luther was an excellent musician. As a boy he sang in a choir that performed at weddings and funerals, and also played the flute. When the Protestant Reformation began, Luther wanted to bring musical worship back to the church, especially in the form of congregational hymns sung in everyday language. The above song certainly shows his awareness of our constant battle against Satan. Hodge was very qualified, the son of a Harvard College professor, educated in Germany and at Harvard.

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

The ancient prince of hell hath risen with purpose fell; strong mail of craft and power he weareth in this hour; on earth is not his fellow. While conveying strength, the phrases do not flow as naturally as those written by Hedge, and the language is generally more archaic.

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Coverdale was also a translator of the Bible, and his versions of the Psalms are still in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. His version begins:.

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  • Oure God is a defence and towre, A good armoure and good weape; He hath been ever oure helpe and succoure, In all the troubles that we have ben in. On occasion, I have heard a minister invite the congregation to conclude the hymn after only the first stanza in order to save time.

    A Mighty Fortress Is Our God - Wikipedia

    While this is a questionable practice under most circumstances, it is particularly a problem in this hymn. It may be best not to leave the Devil in charge by stopping at the end of stanza one! A final word must be said about a popular notion among many pastors who state that Luther and the Wesleys went into bars to find congregational tunes. Playlists relacionadas.

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