The Margaret Thatcher Interviews: Sir Bernard Ingham

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  1. 'Look after the Daily Mail': Thatcher's media tactic for election | Politics | The Guardian
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  3. 'Look after the Daily Mail': Thatcher's media tactic for 1987 election
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'Look after the Daily Mail': Thatcher's media tactic for election | Politics | The Guardian

However imperfectly remembered or understood, Thatcher and Thatcherism simultaneously exert a magnetic attraction and provide a litmus test. Getty The issue of Europe will kill off the next prime minister too, just like every Tory leader before them Like Dettol used to kill off all known germs, Europe has a habit of killing off all known Conservative Party leaders. Theresa May is only the latest in a long and pitiful line of failures, unable to lead a party when it no longer wants to be led.

There is a no reason to believe that her successor, whoever he or she turns out to be, will have any more luck than May did or Cameron, Hague, Major, Thatcher Quite the opposite. To use one of her more baleful catchphrases, when the new leader is selected and takes their commission to form a government form the Queen it will soon be apparent Walden died on Thursday at his home in Guernsey from complications connected to emphysema, according to an announcement made by former broadcasting colleagues on behalf of his widow, Hazel.

He represented the Birmingham constituency of All Saints for a decade from After the seat was abolished, he became the MP for Birmingham Ladywood. Brian Walden on Weekend World. He confided that he regarded his interviews as a branch of entertainment and professed himself surprised by his celebrity status. Brian Walden obituary There was a time, in the late s and early 80s, when Brian Walden was the most feared and respected political interviewer on British TV. Given a minute programme, Weekend World, for London Weekend Television on a Sunday lunchtime — hardly the most compelling time of the week for viewing — he conducted interviews with leading politicians that regularly made the news.

This was only partly because the weekends were generally thin times for political, on-the-record news to lead quiet Sunday national newspaper news lists. Jousting partners Brian Walden with Margaret Thatcher in Interrogator-in-chief: farewell Brian Walden, father of political TV Brian Walden was as pioneering and influential a figure in political broadcasting as David Attenborough in natural history television.

That Walden was less treasured by and familiar to the general public is due to there being less popular interest in Westminster than wildlife. His profile was also further lowered by the decision, very unusual among big TV beasts, to voluntarily walk away from his ITV political talk show Weekend World, in , aged just Like its six fraternal vices, greed has always been with us.

All Thatcher did was turn lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride into attributes. To this day, these are pillars upon which stands the modern Conservative party. You may be surprised at the inclusion of sloth on this list. Maggie, 40 Years On Steven Hayward Today is the 40th anniversary of the election of Margaret Thatcher as the first female prime minister of Great Britain—a precursor of the election the following year of Ronald Reagan.

Power Line Last month. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope. Yet, despite her eleven-year tenure — the longest for any premier of the modern era — her reputation as a leader remains controversial, to say the least. Like Presidents Reagan and George H. Bush, her fune Mike Pompeo urges Tories to ask: 'What would Thatcher do? In a speech in London, he claimed China was intent on Margaret Thatcher arrives at Downing Street after being elected prime minister, May She was then education secretary.

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The footage has become notorious, clipped into infamy. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Britain on Wednesday it needed to change its attitude towards China and telecoms company Huawei, casting the world's second largest economy as a threat to the West similar to that once posed by the Soviet Union. Pompeo questioned the attitude of Prime Minister Theresa May's government towards Beijing and goaded London by saying that the late former British leader Margaret Thatcher, who was known as the Iron Lady, would have taken a much firmer line with China. He brought a tough message to Britain, which agreed last month to allow China's Huawei Tech Reuters Last month.

Thatcher led the U. K from to The prime minister of Great Bri The Daily Beast Last month.

Personal Gravitas Interview with Sir Bernard Ingham 2

He was referring to the upcoming European elections in the UK. This is an interesting position. It rather looks as though the intention of the Brexit party in the EU elections is to install a group of wrecker MPs. To drive their objectives effectively, a general election will be required, bringing to power a party that can either solely, or with coalition, force Get it? Since then, May 4 has been a major platform for Star Wars merchandise sales and fan events, with states like California enshrining May 4 as an official Star Wars Day holiday.

Newsweek Last month. Empowerment for What?

Some children still got milk if their parents, like mine, could afford to pay for it. But other children had to go without. I understood that this was grossly unfair, and that it was all the fault of Margaret Thatcher. The New Republic Apr It could well be At that time, the Westland crisis engulfed the Thatcher government. This begs the question: is Huawei another Westland?

'Look after the Daily Mail': Thatcher's media tactic for 1987 election

Perhaps the most significant thing we can learn from the release of the state records on Westland is how what is in the public domain is often a bad guide to political realities. The debate over the future of Westland — an ailing British helicopter manufacturer in need of rescue — was, in fact, a lot more t The Independent Apr Margaret Thatcher in Middlesbrough in Industrial collapse of Thatcher years led to crime rise, study finds The decline of heavy industry in Britain during the Thatcher era led to a significant increase in crime, according to the first study of its kind.

Four decades after Margaret Thatcher swept to power, research has found that in areas where the coal, steel, ship and railway industries were hit during the s, young people were much more likely to find themselves in trouble with the police. University of Derby researchers analysed data from the census and the birth cohort study of 16, people born in the same week in April and cross-referenced this with cautions they received from the The Guardian Apr Forty years ago, Thatcherism swept Britain.

Could our new parties repeat the trick? How things have changed. She did not have time to read books or watch TV. She regarded holidays as an imposition. Ingham once stood, unsuccessfully, as a Labour council candidate in Leeds, though he has no time for the current Labour leadership.


He would impoverish us and leave us subservient to Moscow because he would get rid of our defences. It is not the Labour Party any more. Having left school at 16, Ingham became a journalist, a profession that Mrs Thatcher despised. After spells with the Yorkshire Evening Post and The Guardian, he moved into the civil service as a senior information officer. No wonder Britain was going downhill. In similar vein, Mrs Thatcher appreciated his toughness. That is why I got on with her. She did not like yes men. I had to choose which comments were worthy of inclusion in my book about her.

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It was a difficult decision: So many people had said so many things that seemed to me worthy of note. In the end, much of great interest wound up on the cutting room floor, but only because something had to go. For those interested in Margaret Thatcher - or indeed, in the way biographers work - the transcripts of these interviews, unedited, may prove illuminating.