Adventurers Wanted, Book 4: Sands of Nezza

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And in Nezza, a land where magic is feared and wizards are held in suspicion, Alex will have to be more wise and cunning than ever before if he and his friends are to succeed - or even survive. I thought it was well written nicely spaced action but I thought the characters of the company could be a little fuller the only ones that have any real color is Alex the prince and Skeld. I hope book 5 gets more intense during the critical action moments that Alex goes through.

Furthermore the character progression is so fantastic, I love this series. Customer Reviews See All. Listeners Also Bought See All. His voice was too mature. Alex seemed like an old man. There were other characters where he didn't seem to get a voice down. For example, one man sounded Scottish, the next time, it's not quite the same. In all honesty, the narration turned me off completely. After the first 3 books had a different man, who also took a little getting used to, to change the voice now, at book 4, was not good. He's also very flat sounding.

The overriding emotional tone of Alex and others was vague disdain. It's hard to explain though. There wasn't enough feeling. You can hear excitement, happiness, disappointment, interest, annoyance, etc. A lot of that seemed to be missing from this reading. Do you think Sands of Nezza needs a follow-up book?

Of course. I'd love to hear more Adventurer stories. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why? C Bray was good, but the change was not.

Please go back to E. Stevens for the next book. Bring back Stevens, but give Alex some confidence.

Adventurers Wanted Vol 4: Sands of Nezza (Paperback) * - Cardston Book Shop

That said, the writing and story were still very well done. Would you try another book from M. This book was the fourth in the series by M. I listened to them all back-to-back. The first three were read by a fantastic narrator, but I was so disappointed in the narration of this book that I almost did not want to listen to it after the first couple chapters.

The story itself was good, but lacked something of the excitement from the first three. That very well may have been to the dryness of the narrator, though.

Book 4: The Sands of Nezza

What did you like best about this story? I like the progression of Alex's character in becoming a stronger wizard, and his mentoring of Tom. How did the narrator detract from the book? The reading was dry and lacked much for inflection. Many of the voices sounded alike. It was hard to feel involved in the story, and I felt like I was forcing myself to listen, because I wanted to see how Alex moved through his fourth adventure.

Was Sands of Nezza worth the listening time? The story is worth reading, but I would say that the narrator makes the story not worth the time listening. Any additional comments? Forman has more of this series, or will be writing more, I hope the producers go back to the original narrator, who was awesome.

Great series, great characters and very good at encouraging good character and values in the reader. I just wish it would have been possible to keep the same narrator for the whole series. The adventures of Alex Tucker and how he is coping with his new found skills. The adventures were wonderfully written.

Fairies, troll, etc. I was so disappointed in the change of narrator. If I was more aware of the change in narrator voices I would have not bought the last book.

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The other three in the series would've been sufficient. Usually I like to listen to series books and this is the first one that I was very disappointed.

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I got to chapter 3 and didn't listen to the rest. I won't make that mistake again. I will check the narrator. B Stevens was much better in the other books than this new reader. I enjoyed the story, but the change of narrator threw me, and took a while to get used to. His style was quite different to the previous narrator.

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Get Your Free Audiobook. Sands of Nezza Adventurers Wanted, Book 4. By: M. Narrated by: R. Series: Adventurers Wanted , Book 4. Length: 10 hrs and 1 min. People who bought this also bought Forman Narrated by: E. Stevens Length: 10 hrs and 49 mins Unabridged Overall. Publisher's Summary After hundreds of years without a true king, the desert land of Nezza is in danger of falling under the rule of a ruthless lord advised by an evil wizard with dark intentions. Forman P Shadow Mountain. Critic Reviews "An epic fantasy series. Narrator Homefront Deathtrap The Martian.

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William Need this one reread After listening to the first two books I could not get into this one as well the narrator was not a good pick for this if they could not get back the person who did the first two. Felt like the narrator rushed the telling of the story 9 of 9 people found this review helpful.

Ryan Good Story but took a while to get use to Bray What made the experience of listening to Sands of Nezza the most enjoyable?